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A practical online course offering valuable advice on living a gluten-free life.

Includes tips on cross-contamination in your kitchen, healthy eating, going on vacation, and much more.

You’ve recently been diagnosed with celiac disease or glutensensitivity. Or perhaps your child has. The doctor advised you to adopt a gluten-free diet and recommended searching for a dietitian on Google.

Since then, you’ve delved into everything on the internet, joined various Facebook groups, and started following Instagram accounts. In those forums, you encounter well-intentioned advice, but at the same time, people contradict each other.

To make matters more challenging, there’s a lot of outdated information on the internet. Information that might have been relevant in the past is now outdated.

You’re attempting to integrate all the bits of information scattered across different websites into a cohesive understanding. You want to make it manageable for yourself, but it feels overwhelming with the flood of information coming your way.

Are you done with this and would you like to learn more about gluten-free living and celiac disease in an organized manner? Then join the online course ‘Getting started with the gluten-free diet’!

What this online course offers:

you will receive a comprehensive explanation about the gluten-free diet, celiac disease, and gluten sensitivity.

information in a language that is simple and understandable even for your child.

diverse topics, presented in a logical and manageable order.

right from the beginning of your new life with celiac disease/glutensensitivity, receive information from someone with years of experience in the (international) celiac world.

information that is current and up-to-date. So you don’t absorb things that are no longer accurate and outdated (but still linger on the internet).

clarity on what is and what isn’t possible regarding food products.

clarity on the measures you should and can take in your kitchen and household.

IN SHORT: peace of mind, knowing that you have the confidence of having all the information you need.

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Course content:

Online videos
Video modules in which Laura explains your new gluten-free life in a simple way.

Immediate access
You can sign up for this course at any time. Within 10 minutes, you will receive an email with your login details. You can start at home quickly and don’t have to wait for a start date!

Wat krijg je precies?

6 months acces
You will have access to the online course for six months.

You can repeat the lessons as often as you like within those 6 months.

You can also watch the videos together with your partner, parents, grandparents, best friend, etc.

Content of video modules

Module 1A: Understanding celiac disease

First Aid After Diagnosis where I explain what’s happening in your body. What is celiac disease? Is it an allergy or an intolerance? And what exactly occurs in your body?

Can you have a mild form of celiac disease? And: How strictly do I need to adhere to a gluten-free diet?

Module 1B: Understanding gluten sensitivity

First Aid After Diagnosis where I explain what’s happening in your body. What is gluten sensitivity? Is it an allergy or an intolerance? And what exactly occurs in your body? Is there any inflammation going on in your gut?

And: How strictly do I need to adhere to a gluten-free diet when I have glutensensitivity?

Module 2: Gluten and the gluten-free diet
  • What is gluten?
  • Where is gluten found?
  • Which products am I allowed to eat?
  • How do I read a food label?
  • Can I only buy products with a gluten-free label?
  • What should I do with products that say ‘may contain traces of gluten’?
  • Are all E-numbers gluten-free?
  • What do I do with a product that lists ‘starch’?”
Module 3: The kitchen

What adjustments in the kitchen should you definitely make, and what can you skip? How do you keep it safely gluten-free? Do you need two ovens? Two toasters? Two fryers? Should you throw away your cutting boards?

Module 4: A healthy gluten-free diet
  • Which nutrients are quickly depleted in a gluten-free diet?
  • Should I take extra supplements, and if so, which ones are good and safe?
  • What healthy choices should I make?
  • Are there whole-grain gluten-free products?
  • Can I use gluten enzymes to break down gluten in my body?
  • A comprehensive lesson on healthy gluten-free bread.
Bonus module: Travel / on vacation

You’re going on a trip. What are handy tips and tricks when flying or camping? How do you read a label in a foreign language?

Bonus module: Vegetarian & gluten-free
  • Which nutrients are commonly deficient in a gluten-free vegetarian diet? And how to prevent these deficiencies.
  • What gluten-free vegetarian meat substitutes can you find in the supermarket?
  • In short, a highly practical module with very concrete examples.

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